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Exfoliating gel – Biological action
With glycolic acid, A.H.A., papain and calcium

Glyco-Peel has a gentle but deep action, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities, refining the skin’s texture and restoring its sparkle. Day after day the complexion is radically transformed: dull skin becomes silky smooth, soft and glowing.

For a guaranteed new-skin effect.
Skin Types:
All skin types

Instructions for use :
Use preferably on consecutive evenings three times a week for a minimum of four weeks.

Spread a small amount of gel over the face and neckline. For the first application, leave for two minutes and for subsequent applications, increase the time by one minute up to a maximum of five minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and apply your usual face cream liberally. A tingling sensation may be experienced when Glyco-Peel is first applied. This generally disappears rapidly. If a rash appears before the end of the time allocated, remove and rinse the product off with cold water.

Contents :
50 ml



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